Your Partner in Proper Nutrition

With Kimberly Suraj, Registered Dietitian, you have a reliable partner in proper nutrition. Based in Trinidad and Tobago, I translate scientific nutrition information into practical advice, educate you about food, and help you decide what diet is right for you both now and in the future. My specializations include medical nutrition therapy, epilepsy management, diabetes education, and weight management counseling and consulting.

Personalized Meal Plans

I will thoroughly consider your medical and personal dietary requirements as well as your cultural background and religious beliefs to provide you with a fully personalized meal plan. I will also give you practical advice on various healthy cooking methods and recipes.

When you work with me, I provide you with a diet prescription, help you shop, give you meal ideas and recipes, and offer support and motivation when you need it. A proper diet can help you:

  • Cope with Allergy or Intolerance
  • Gain Muscle
  • Gain Weight
  • Grow Old Gracefully
  • Have a Healthy Baby
  • Have More Energy
  • Keep Fit
  • Lose Weight
  • Manage epilepsy (children)
  • Prevent, Treat, or Manage Various Medical Conditions

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